Flux Power Holdings, Inc.

SEC Filings

Section 16 (3, 4, 5)


XBRL Filings - Download

To download, click on the link and choose "save file".
Choose a location on your computer and click "save".
The .zip folder can then be opened and xml files can be used.

To Download the individual XBRL files in Internet Explorer, right-click on the link and select "save target as".
To Download the individual XBRL files in Mozilla Firefox, right-click on the link and select "save link as"

Download XBRL Files: flux-20161231.zip
flux-20161231_def.xml - Definition Linkbase
flux-20161231_lab.xml - Label Linkbase
flux-20161231_pre.xml - Presentation Linkbase
flux-20161231.xml - Instance Document
flux-20161231.xsd - Schema Document
flux-20161231_cal.xml - Calculation Linkbase
Download XBRL Files: flux-20160930.zip
flux-20160930.xml - Instance Document
flux-20160930.xsd - Schema Document
flux-20160930_cal.xml - Calculation Linkbase
flux-20160930_def.xml - Definition Linkbase
flux-20160930_lab.xml - Label Linkbase
flux-20160930_pre.xml - Presentation Linkbase
Download XBRL Files: flux-20160630.zip
flux-20160630.xml - Instance Document
flux-20160630.xsd - Schema Document
flux-20160630_cal.xml - Calculation Linkbase
flux-20160630_def.xml - Definition Linkbase
flux-20160630_lab.xml - Label Linkbase
flux-20160630_pre.xml - Presentation Linkbase
Download XBRL Files: flux-20160331.zip
flux-20160331_cal.xml - Calculation Linkbase
flux-20160331.xsd - Schema Document
flux-20160331_def.xml - Definition Linkbase
flux-20160331_pre.xml - Presentation Linkbase
flux-20160331_lab.xml - Label Linkbase
flux-20160331.xml - Instance Document